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Synchronize contacts from selection

Contacts from a static selection are able to be synchronized. Choose one or more selections from the SuperOffice User Preferences and press the Save button. During the next synchronization run, the selected contacts will be synced.

Is it possible to change the follow-up types?

Yes, choose your preferred follow-up type in the User Preference section under the “Incoming Types” option and click the Save button.

Which version of SuperOffice is supported?

We currently only have a connector for SuperOffice CRM Online. More connectors will be available soon!

What will happen if I delete a contact from my phone?

When you delete a contact which was synchronized from SuperOffice don’t worry. The Synchronizer will synchronize your contact back into your phone within moments.

What will happen if I delete an appointment from my phone?

This appointment will also be deleted in your SuperOffice calendar. Because we don’t store the contents of the appointments, we are unable to restore any deleted appointments.

why is contact synchronization 1-way?

For your safety the contact synchronization is 1- way only, from SuperOffice to Outlook/Gmail. This is due to the fact that contacts in SuperOffice are a very important entity. In SuperOffice all activities like tasks, appointments, documents and emails are registered with a contact person. If, for example, a delete action would be allowed from Outlook/Gmail (on Contacts), all the related communication in SuperOffice would be lost since there would be no record anymore to whom the registered activities would belong. 

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