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Setting up Nebula Synchronizer

To add the Nebula Synchronizer to SuperOffice CRM Online follow these steps:

Selecting your systems to synchronize

Select the correct calendaring system and CRM software, enter your credentials for both systems and you’ll be ready to go!

Using standard preferences

If you are unsure about what to choose in the preferences, just start using the default settings and fine tune later.

Advanced settings, and time-zones

The Nebula Synchronizer has a multitude of options to suit your every need. We have full time-zone support so no matter where you are, appointments will be correctly in sync. Be sure to choose the correct time zone in the “Configure Profile” step and verify the Windows time zone is set to the identical timezone. Check the “Customize Systems” step for all Advanced settings regarding your Sync profile.

Understanding all Nebula settings

The Nebula Synchronizer has a multitude of options, which each user is able to adjust to their needs. Please check this article if you would like to know more about all the Nebula Synchronizer Settings.

Mapping users

Adding (extra) users is done easily. Log into Nebula Customer Portal, choose the correct Profile and add extra users in the “Link Users” step. Finish the steps and start synchronizing!

I just signed up but nothing is being synchronized

The initial sync might take some time, as we analyze your calendar for appointments, recurring appointments, tasks, etc. Don’t worry, sit back, relax and grab a coffee and you will see your appointments will appear within no time!

After logging into SuperOffice Online I get the follow error message ‘Authorization error: ()’

The SuperOffice Online Admin user (who administers your personal settings like users and document templates) needs to login once by using the sign-up button for the Nebula Synchronizer. When this admin users logins he/she can approve that the Nebula Synchronizer has access to your SuperOffice Online environment. Once this permission is given any user can sign-up for the Nebula Synchronizer.

In step 2 you get the error message ‘we have detected that time zones are not enabled..’

To successfully synchronize your appointments with your calendar system the time zones in SuperOffice needs to be turned on. The SuperOffice Online Admin user (who administers your personal settings like users and document templates) can turn this option on in the settings and maintenance menu. See the video on how to setup the SuperOffice time zones on our video page.

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