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G SUITE/gmail

WHEN I TRY TO connect to google an error message appears ‘Unable to connect to gmail / g Suite. please verify your settings. access to google administrative api’s denied. please enable api access..’

The Nebula Synchronizer needs to have Administrative API access to be able to load the Google Users when you are using G Suite. Contact your Google Apps Administrator and inform this person that API access needs to be enabled, see this guide.  Important! The Google Administrator who is setting up the Nebula Synchronizer for the users in the G Suite environment needs to have at least the role ‘Help Desk Admin’, see this guide.

can i use a free gmail account?

Yes! A free Gmail account is supported with the Nebula Synchronizer. Just create your Gmail account here.


After creating a new Profile, click the Connect button and fill in your SuperOffice CRM Online credentials. Also fill in your Gmail credentials and allow authorization for us to be able to create and modify appointments. We only use time and date information for appointments, personal content is not collected or used in any other way. Read more about our privacy policy.

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