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How can I start using the Nebula Synchronizer?

To add the Nebula Synchronizer to SuperOffice CRM Online follow these steps:

*) If you’re an admin, all colleagues will receive an confirmation email. See our video section for more help.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your account at any time, however, any remaining time will not be refunded. Read more about our refund policy.

What kind of reporting is available?

When you login into your account you will have an overview of the synchronization statistics.

What is the frequency of synchronization?

The frequency of synchronization depends if you have selected the Fast Sync add-on, on top of your subscription. See the available plan on our on pricing page.

What kind of pricing plans are available?

We have selected the best available plan for you which suits every customer. 

What kind of limitations trial accounts have?

Features available in the trial are parallel to those in the professional plan. However the Instant Sync feature can only be used with a paid subscription.

Will this work on my mobile device?

Yes! No matter where you create, update or delete appointments, the Nebula Synchronizer will keep everything in sync.

How secure is the Nebula Synchronizer?

The Nebula Synchronizer has been audited by professional security companies to ensure a safe synchronization. Audits will be done on a regular basis to ensure security & privacy for all our customers.
As we use Microsoft Azure, we are guaranteed of a very secure platform, as Microsoft is currently the only Cloud provider which has adopted the ISO 27018 Privacy Standard.

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