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Changing the subject line of the appointment

If you want to change the subject line of an appointment, check the User Preference section which one of the four options suits you best. Click the “Subject” dropdown list and choose a preferred subject line. Don’t forget to click the Save button! All new appointments will have the newly chosen subject line.

Synchronizing birthdays from contacts

Just enable the “Synchronize contact birthdays” option in the User Preference section and you will never forget a birthday again!

Selective synchronization of appointments, tasks and contacts

With the Nebula synchronizer, you are in total control what is synchronized. Toggle the synchronization for:

Using Outlook categories

Customize the categories which are shown when an appointment is synced to Outlook with the Outgoing Categories option. By default we have filled these fields with SuperOffice Appointment / SuperOfficeTask and SuperOffice Person. These are fully customizable to suit your every need.

How to disable a linked user?

We understand sometimes the synchronization for one or multiple users needs to be disabled temporarily. Choose the corresponding Profile and click the Link Users step. Click the Disabled button to stop the synchronization right away.

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