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Setting up a subscription

During the registration process you can choose the subscription plan. New customers will get a free trial month. Before the trial period ends we will send you an email as a reminder.

how do i cancel my free trial?

Your Nebula Synchronizer subscription, which starts with a 1 month free trial, will begin when you click “Start Synchronizing”. Simply cancel at any time in your first month, and you will not be charged. To cancel, go to "Your Account" and click on "Cancel membership." No refunds or credits for partial months. By clicking “Start Synchronizing”, you request and expressly consent to the immediate start of your Nebula Synchronizer subscription, acknowledge that you lose your right of withdrawal and authorise us to continue your subscription plan choses automatically, charged to the select billing frequency to the payment method provided, until you cancel. 

Modifying your subscription

You can modify your subscription by loggin into the account portal.

adding/removing nebula synchronizer licenses

Once you have created your subscription the number of Nebula Synchronizer licenses are based on the actual SuperOffice Online licenses. This means that when you order an extra SuperOffice Online license, you will automatically get an extra Nebula Synchronizer license and your creditcard is billed accordingly. If you terminate One SuperOffice Online license, you also automatically terminate One Nebula Synchronizer license. This means that on the next renewal period of your subscription you will be billed based on the actual number of SuperOffice Online licenses. If all SuperOffice Online licenses are cancelled, your complete subscription for the Nebula Synchronizer will also be cancelled on the next renewal period. You will be automatically informed by email if license changes occur.

How to use a coupon code with the Nebula Synchronizer

If you have a coupon code for the Nebula Synchronizer, you can use this coupon on the subscription page.

Why do I have to pay extra for the fast sync add-on?

The Nebula Synchronizer is using the Microsoft Azure cloud environment to offer a rock solid experience to all the customers. When customers are in demand of faster synchronization it means the Nebula Synchronizer needs to purchase more computing time from Microsoft. 

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